Vegan Healthy Meal Plan

Whatever your reasons for being vegan, it’s entirely possible to maintain a healthy, balanced diet without animal products. In fact, eating all vegan meals has been shown to help people lose weight, lower the risk of heart disease, lower blood sugar levels, and improve kidney function. These benefits can help you lead a healthier life, no matter your level of activity.

The issue with being vegan, however, is that it can take quite a bit of prep work, especially if you are ensuring that your body is getting all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that it needs to function optimally. Planning and preparing vegan meals might be something that you feel you don’t have the time or know-how to do. Thankfully, the vegan meal package and raw vegan meal package from ActivEats can eliminate the need to research, plan, and prepare your vegan meals, making it easy to enjoy the health benefits of a vegan diet, and fueling your body for even the most active of lifestyles.

Both the ActivEats vegan meal package and raw vegan meal package consist of a variety of vegan meals, prepared fresh and delivered right to your door. Our personal trainers and nutritionists worked together to ensure that all of the vegan meals in both plans are balanced with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. In addition, they’ve packed enough nourishment into these plans to support an active lifestyle of working out and/or engaging in athletic activities. Since food better maintains its essential vitamins and minerals when it’s fresh, we never use frozen ingredients. We also steer clear of preservatives – all of our vegan and raw vegan meals are completely natural.


Vegan Meal Plan

The ActivEats vegan meal package is a collection of vegan meals, expertly planned to optimize nutrition. The vegan meal package includes an array of fresh greens, fruits, and vegetables, as well as plant-based protein sources like quinoa, seeds, nuts, legumes, and beans. Prepared fresh each day by a professional chef, the vegan meal package is lacking neither in nutrients or flavour.


Raw Vegan Meal Plan

The ActivEats raw vegan meal package is a collection of vegan meals, with the added caveat that none of the foods in the meal package are cooked. Consisting mainly of greens, fruits, and vegetables, the vegan meals in this plan are entirely raw. Raw sources of protein, such as nuts, nut butters, and seeds are also included to promote muscle repair and strength building, and to round out the raw vegan diet. Like all of our other meal packages, the raw vegan meal package is expertly created by a trainer and a nutritionist, and freshly prepare daily by a professional chef.

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Choose Your Meals Package

Choose Your Meals Package

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Select a healthy eating meal package from our wide variety of menus to get started on your journey to better health! All of our healthy meal packages are created by a nutritionist and a personal trainer, meaning that each meal is perfectly balanced, and each package as a whole is designed to deliver targeted training results using the science of sports nutrition. Whether you want to build muscle or lose fat, a ActivEats healthy eating meal package will get you there, naturally.
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